Milk Cake
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Life with Cacao is creating a new chocolate culture, inviting you to watch, taste and smell the chocolaty story. Dip, sip and bite into richest, smoothest chocolaty desserts with natural sweeteners like ruby-red strawberries and succulent berries. If you’re not in a chocolaty mood, Life with Cacao offers you other equally delicious options such as its popular cheesecake, scrumptious cookies and mouth-watering sundaes.

Milk Cake

Spoil yourself with a sweet light dessert done our way!

BlueBerry Brownie

We give you this piece of haven to savor with homemade biscotti cream and Blueberry sorbet

Cherry Forest

a Classic done the Cacao way...

Apple Crumble

Enjoy this classic that comes with warm apple cobbler, side of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.