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Just as we pay attention to every detail on our menu, we at Life with Cacao have created a unique theme that is observed on every item in the store’s space, starting from the colorful walls to the cutlery that reveal Life with Cacao’s fictional characters who come to life through a short story each time a customer opens the menu.


1. 360 Mall
Vertical Garden Area
Shop No. G24 -Ground Floor
T +965 25309909 - 10
2. Avenues Mall
Grand Avenues, Shop No. D025
T +965 22200762
3. Salhia Complex
Mezzanine2 (M2), Shop no. 26.
T +965 22996969
4. West Mishref
Dahiyat Mubarak Al-Abdullah (West Mishref) Block 6
T +965 25395421
5. Coming soon
Promenade Mall